Rosa Nguyen

Feed, an exhibition of new works by Rosa Nguyen, is part of this design company’s program of projects with Artists. Ceramic objects, seed drawings and animation produced during a 6 month residency will be on show through out the exhibition space and working environment.

In Feed, Nguyen continues the exploration of natural elements and organic forms that characterises all her work. Ceramic vessels rise smoothly to erupt into mushroom-like heads. Grouped together they seem to pulse with non-human intelligence. Smaller ceramic shapes suggest gourds, nuts, hearts,and other organs. Their sensual colours and exotic textures invite us to touch and hold.

Shaken they rattle like seed pods, both toys and mysterious treasures. Making the analogy between seeds and pixels, Nguyen ‘fed’ the technology with simple objects, placing mounds of seeds and clay shapes directly onto the digital scanner to produce drawings and patterns. She then repeated the process feeding scanned images into the computers through which they were then magnified into prints, manipulated into moving images and duplicated into transfers which are layered onto clay vessels. In Feed, Nguyen uses the digital technology to emulate the cycles, processes and the rhythms of the natural world.

While the work in Feed has the elemental, intuitive quality of Nguyen’s previous projects, it also represents a radical new departure. During this residency she made use of the digital technology. ‘I decided to embrace it rather than fear it’ she says ‘the technological environment is such a contrast to my studio full of clay dust and buckets of slop. I wanted to set up a dialogue between their technological space and my work’.

In so doing she claims technology, making it part of the organic realm which her work subtly and joyously celebrates.

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