Hanoi man Copyright Adri Berger 2000

Adri Berger
Not another travel book

On view is work shot, during a journey around the world made by Adri Berger last year. The work is incomplete and represents a preview, the start of a journey or work in progress for an ongoing project which will necessitate return visits to Vietnam and Laos.

Unsure of the exact format of the final work and wary of the restrictions imposed by vanity publishing projects that are all too familiar, the work seeks to break away and use elements that allow Adri Berger to draw attention to the many different stories encountered along the journey, in appropriate media.

Diary extract:

We end up in Bangkok in the middle of the Songkran, the Thai new year which is celebrated in such a way that everyone tries to get everyone else totally wet.Sprayguns, buckets, bottles, ice, coca cola, beer, loud music, a continuous street party for five days, mad mad mad. Hilarious too, but we did get a bit stuck in the end because the main party was right outside our door so escaping to a small warm island had to be postponed for a while. Fortunately I am carrying a small waterproof camera with me and this was ace under those circumstances. I don't have a clue about the kind of shots I have been taking but hopefully some good material. Water just everywhere, a mad mad water world.


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